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 Prof. Chuck Loridans' original words for the Children of the Night Timeline, whose framework inspired the Triumvirate of Terror Timeline:

Since the formation of M.O.N.S.T.A.A.H. in the year 2000, it has fallen upon my shoulders, as the group's chief historian, to create a timeline for important events concerning our efforts to keep the world safe from supernatural menaces.

  Shortly before her death Professor Maggie Walsh deleted all computer data which may have incriminated her. Unfortunately the archives of the League of Anti-Diabolists were part of this purge. 

  Reconstructing the work of centuries has not been an easy task. I have spent many days and hours pouring through the hard copy files in the basement of our secret Bonaport, branch headquarters. The following report merely scratches the surface of a long history of humanity's struggle with werewolves, vampire and undead menaces in general.

  There are also many other Demon hunters, of note, not mentioned in this report, such as Captain Kronos, Prof. Abronsius, Dokter Rotmann, Dr. Natalie Lambert and Carl Kolchak. I will include these and others, when new information is revealed to me. Any reports from my colleagues will be appreciated.

  This report would not have been possible without information and feedback from Professors Power, Brown, Carbis, Baugh, Eckert, Small, Lofficier, Mengel, Bollman, Lai, and Winkle.

  Prof. Brown's article THE HOUSE OF FRANKENSTEIN, provided the template for this research. Prof. Lofficier's original research concerning members of the Van Helsing family was also invaluable. Prof. Power was with me almost every step of the way with a tremendous amount of research and suggestions. Thank you gentlemen, for participating in this project every one of you are considered Autonomous Agents of MONSTAAH with all the privileges membership provides.

 - Prof. Charles "Chuck" Loridans