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Here they are, the Files of the Damned. As in, they are damned

good files!  

Each of them have been composed by various agents and allies of

MONSTAAH based on our personal experiences and research.

Some of them  were created for the original version of this site,

whereas others have been introduced for the first time on the

2.0 version. Read them and be informed...if you dare!

--Prof. Chris Nigro

Since the year 2000, MONSTAAH has been involved in

many thrilling and harrowing adventures, in its endless war to

stem the tide of the ever-increasing infestation of

supernatural menaces.

 On this page, we feature the mind boggling

chronicles of some of the more interesting cases.

--Prof. Charles "Chuck" Loridans

The Second Coming--Prologue

  submitted in prose form by Chris Nigro



Cases which might not involve members of MONSTAAH, but have a direct connection to our research.

    The Mad Scientist's Ball
submitted in script form by Donna Waylene Moore

Bashes to Ashes

submitted in prose form by Matthew Baugh

Diary of An Evil Henchman

submitted in prose form by Chuck Loridans