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By Chris Nigro





          We who comprise the esteemed vocations that operate out of the misty halls of Miskatonic University, Wold Newton University, Janus University, and Spektor University are well aware of the fantastic phenomena that exist in this world, mostly unbeknownst to the general public. We allow our fellow persons to live in blissful ignorance of the truth so that they can sleep nights and feel confident that the standard human race is truly in control of our world, and at the top of this planet’s food chain, so to speak. We don’t want to create cause for people en masse to feel the need to jump at every little sound they hear at night, or every little shadow they come across when returning home from a pleasant evening at the theater. 

       So a small portion of our exalted species--namely, us--has chosen to eschew this state of comfortable bliss due to both our unremitting curiosity and desire for knowledge about the mysteries of our world—and the universe and multiverse beyond it—and our desire to find the means to keep the human race safe from highly unusual, and unusually dangerous, threats. We live our lives on the arcane side of things so that the majority of humanity can live in a relative degree of comfort.


          But the big question of this particular essay is:  what degree of the fantastic can the strange creatures that co-inhabit this world on the periphery of humanity reach?

     How dangerous and mighty can the things that periodically emerge from the shadows--or the depths of the ocean, whatever the case may be--to threaten and challenge our comfortable notion of having control over the world and our lives, actually become?

     And as a corollary to that question, how complicit may the honored leaders of the human race in the present era of history be with covering up the existence of some of the more incredible horrors that may threaten our world? And if they were totally transparent about the reality of monstrous threats on such a city-shattering scale, would this potentially compromise humanity’s feeling of unquestioned dominance of the little globe on the edge of the Milky Way galaxy we call home?


          This brings us to one of the most extraordinary and powerful of all the myriad types of creatures that I have dedicated my life to studying: the legendary class of creatures known as dai kaiju, which is Japanese for “giant monster.” The reason that the nomenclature for such extraordinary creatures of massive size and seeming incompatibility with our world derives from the Japanese language is due to the unsubstantiated rumors that on rare occasions, such creatures have risen to decimate pockets of Japanese civilization from the mid-20th century onwards.

     But if such is the case, why do we not have substantial proof? Why do some of the most honored and respected scholars from the above-mentioned universities flatly deny the existence of kaiju? Do they have good reason for these doubts, despite the many other fantastic things they know to exist in this world?


          The answer to that question is yes, because as all objective scholars are aware, extraordinary claims and theories require extraordinary evidence. And if creatures of such fantastic size and power were amongst the diverse menagerie of things that go bump in the night that secretly share the world with humanity, how could they possibly do so secretly? Vampires, werewolves, ghosts, ghouls, wild men, and demons of the standard varieties may lurk in the shadows mostly unseen among common humanity, but could beasts on the scale and power of kaiju possibly do the same? If creatures in excess of 150 feet in height with the power to literally crush large cities and decimate entire military units exist, then where is the evidence? Why do I support the possibility that creatures on such a scale could possibly exist if there isn’t sufficient evidence to back up a theory?


          Okay, to start with, let’s look at the historical precedent for such super-creatures. Does it exist? If one is willing to include enough ancient legends and stories as providing hints of reality, then yes, it does. Beasts of truly gigantic size and power, often possessing energy-emitting abilities and often (though not always) reptilian in nature, appear sparingly but notably in ancient world mythology. Examples include the Babylonian super-dragon Tiamut, the Greek kaiju-like beast known as Typhon, and the Norse wurm of immense length and power known as Jormungand the Midgard Serpent. These creatures were of such size and power that even the gods of these various mythologies were given pause by them, and had difficulty defeating them. Since it’s known to us that ancient mythology has all too many hints of truth, what do we make of the creatures who appear in these particular legends?


          And truth be told, the whispery legends of such ultra-huge creatures of shattering power capable of challenging the gods themselves doesn’t end with world mythologies, for some fascinating legends of this nature are extant in the Bible with creatures such as Leviathan and Behemoth.


          Let’s take a look at portions of a description of Leviathan in the Bible, as written in Job 41:1-41:34:


            Can you fill his hide with harpoons or his head with fishing spears?

 If you lay a hand on him, you will remember the struggle and never do it again!



 I will not fail to speak of his limbs, his strength and his graceful form.

 Who can strip off his outer coat? Who would approach him with a bridle?

 Who dares open the doors of his mouth, ringed about with his fearsome teeth?

 His back has rows of shields tightly sealed together;

 each is so close to the next that no air can pass between.

 They are joined fast to one another; they cling together and cannot be parted.

 His snorting throws out flashes of light; his eyes are like the rays of dawn.

 Firebrands stream from his mouth; sparks of fire shoot out.

 Smoke pours from his nostrils as from a boiling pot over a fire of reeds.

 His breath sets coals ablaze, and flames dart from his mouth.

 Strength resides in his neck; dismay goes before him.

 The folds of his flesh are tightly joined; they are firm and immovable.

 His chest is hard as rock, hard as a lower millstone.

 When he rises up, the mighty are terrified; they retreat before his thrashing.

 The sword that reaches him has no effect, nor does the spear or the dart or the   javelin.

 Iron he treats like straw and bronze like rotten wood.

 Arrows do not make him flee, slingstones are like chaff to him.

 A club seems to him but a piece of straw, he laughs at the rattling of the lance.

His undersides are jagged potsherds, leaving a trail in the mud like a threshing-sledge.

 He makes the depths churn like a boiling cauldron and stirs up the sea like a pot of ointment.

Behind him he leaves a glistening wake; one would think the deep had white hair.

Nothing on earth is his equal— a creature without fear.

He looks down on all that are haughty; he is king over all that are proud.



            The Hebrew Bible goes on to say that only Yahweh is capable of destroying rare creatures of such amazing size and power as the Leviathan (in Psalm 74), and that this will only be done “at the end of time” (in Isaiah 27:1). This closely mirrors the Greek legend of Typhon, who could only be destroyed in battle by Zeus, the most powerful of the deities.


          Upon reading that description written down in ancient scripture, it can be said to sound discomfortingly familiar in regards to certain claims and rumors about a specific creature who is alleged to have made at least one appearance in the 20th century: Godzilla.


          But what exactly is Godzilla? According to modern legend, he is a beast who was supposedly created as a result of one of the remaining pseudo-dinosaurs and other gigantic creatures created in prehistory from the brilliant geneticists of ancient Lemuria, and residing on various uncharted Pacific atolls who were exposed to massive amounts of atomic radiation due to all the testing from the United States government that occurred from the early days of World War II and into the years beyond that, as the Cold War began in earnest (see Mark Brown's important article, Prehistoric Survivors in the Pacific).[i] This seems to have resulted in the mutation of some of these pseudo-dinosaurs, giant serpents, insectoids and various other creatures into much larger and more powerful creatures, courtesy of their very hardy and adaptable genetic structures (which may have been designed to resist radiation-based weaponry from Atlantean forces).  These ancient geneticists may also be responsible for the creation of the now all but extinct Kongoid species of giant simian, but that’s a topic for another essay.


          In 1954, a devastating event struck the great city of Tokyo, Japan. The extent of that devastation may have been exaggerated in some of the reports, and a number of different causes were proposed by various researchers outside of our profession, many from those who worked for various government agencies in different parts of the world. These explanations ranged from a severe earthquake coupled with a few massive tsunamis that struck the island nation, to a cover-up surrounding a USA atomic bomb test that occurred a bit too close to the Japanese mainland outside of Tokyo that ostensibly accounted for the severe tidal waves and tremors. The last of the two explanations doesn’t seem too likely in retrospect, but it has been suggested by some researchers to account for the allegedly large amounts of radiation discovered in the aftermath of the event, which included several people ending up sickened with radiation poisoning. Similar examples of radiation sickness were found in a rash of assaults on a few seaman that occurred some months prior to the event in Tokyo. Many panicked reports from the surviving citizenry of the destructive event claimed accounts of a “giant sea monster,” but government sources say these references were metaphorical allusions to the great destructive occurrence being connected to an old legend called Godzilla (Gojira in Japanese).


          But what was Godzilla, according to Eastern legend? The peaceful natives of Odo Island, an atoll located about 60 miles off the coast of Japan, have shared legends with the Japanese about a gigantic bipedal dragon that arises from the sea to periodically threaten the world, possessing attributes surprisingly similar to that of the Biblical descriptions of Leviathan excerpted above. Note how those ancient descriptions allude to a dragon-like monster of towering size and nigh-invulnerable skin, with “firebeams streaking from his mouth”; “sparks of fire shoot out” [of his mouth]; “smoke pours out of his nostrils as from a boiling pot over a fire of reeds”; “his breath sets coals ablaze, and fire darts from his mouth.” All of this correlates not only to the reputed size, reptilian/amphibious nature, and resistance to advanced military weaponry attributed to Godzilla in some of the reports, but also to his supposed tendency to spew forth bluish-white spurts of energy from his maw that was alleged in the modern era to be concentrated bursts of radiation. Such bursts, if actually witnessed, may resemble the bursts of flame said to spew from the mouth of the Leviathan according to the eyes of ancient people to whom radiation was unknown, as such huge amounts of radiation would produce a destructive heat effect upon any object—living or inanimate—that it struck, easily melting even solid steel. But where did the bulk of these reports outside of Japan come from? Is there any evidence they were more than a fever dream suffered from the trauma of the people subjected to a natural disaster combined with old superstitions and legends?


          There is such a source of an American nature, but how reliable that source is has been called into question by many researchers. And that source is reporter Steven Martin, who was in Japan at the time of the disaster, and in fact was injured and hospitalized as a result. His claims were largely dismissed as sensationalistic propaganda, but he wrote them down in detail in his book This Is Tokyo.[ii] This book sparked a worldwide fascination with these claims and the concept of dai kaiju, but many said they had no more evidence behind them to account for the 1954 disaster that struck Tokyo than those underlying the still unsubstantiated legends of the Bermuda Triangle and alligators thriving in small breeding populations in the New York City sewer system. But there are other reports that need to be examined in addition to those expounded by Martin.


          The noted Japanese archeologist Dr. Kyohei Yamane is said to have traveled to Odo Island to investigate evidence of Godzilla’s presence there, and he says that he not only discovered huge imprints that appeared to have been made by a bipedal reptile, akin to that of an ancient carnasaur of astounding size, but also large traces of radioactivity, along with a small creature that he initially believed to be a long-extinct type of aquatic arthropod known as a trilobite, but later said to more likely be some type of tiny parasitic sea louse mutated into a larger form that superficially resembled a trilobite.[iii]


          It is most important to note that Dr. Yamane’s involvement with the incident and disparate reports surrounding it does not end with his own investigations and conclusions. His daughter, Emiko, was betrothed to his equally respected colleague, scientist Dr. Daisuke Serizawa, who is also said to be an old college friend of Steven Martin. Dr. Serizawa was an eccentric and somewhat reclusive scientist despite his great renown, and his mysterious suicide shortly after the destructive event that struck Japan in 1954 has created a lot of controversy. Some reports suggested that he invented a very dangerous weapon that he feared would fall into the wrong hands if allowed to be used, and he was determined to take the secret of this terrible weapon to the grave with him after supposedly using it just once to destroy Godzilla; other reports claim his suicide was simply due to Emiko Yamane loving another man instead of him; still other reports claim a combination of these two things underlying his suicide, but we may never be entirely certain.[iv]


          Godzilla has also been referred to in many types of apocalyptic scenarios by famed psychics, but this may be metaphorical symbolism. Nevertheless, a close friend of mine and professional psychic has spoken of a series of extremely intense and disturbing visions she received circa 1999-2000, right at the turn of the Millennium, where she said she was bombarded with images of several kaiju, including Godzilla, causing large amounts of devastation across the world. This coincided with another alleged report of Godzilla attacking Japan in 1999 (unconfirmed, with destruction said to have occurred via a hurricane instead), along with our own reports of a gigantic bipedal lizard-like monster of a hermaphroditic nature who made two quick forays into New York City circa 1998, and was euphemistically referred to in reports as “Godzilla.” That creature, who has since been called simply “Zilla” or “GINO” (our scholars have to have a sense of humor), clearly wasn’t the legendary Godzilla, as the creature lacked any type of energy-projection from his maw, and was relatively easily dispatched by military weaponry once he (I’ll refer to the creature with the pronouns “him” and “he” for simplicity’s sake) was trapped between the steel suspension cables of the Brooklyn Bridge, and therefore unable to evade a salvo of missiles.[v]


          My friend’s potent psychic visions of an apocalypse of dai kaiju threatening the world from the late 1990s into the early ‘00s obviously didn’t occur, but she insists that it did happen in at least some alternate realities that lie close to our own, and because of that, she suspects that some of these god-like monsters of majestic size and tremendous destructive power may lie in wait in our own reality, even though their appearances thus far, if they did occur, have been exceedingly rare, with never more than one or two large cities affected at a time.


          Many scholars have argued that Zilla wasn’t truly a kaiju, as despite his size and strength, he lacked the sheer power and nigh-indestructibility of actual kaiju as reported in modern legends, including the “true” Godzilla. In fact, Zilla is probably related to some of the lesser radioactive mutations of some of the surviving pseudo-dinosaurs created by the Lemurians, and likely connected to the creature dubbed a “Rhedosaurs” by scientist Dr. Thomas Nesbitt, who rampaged in New York City a year before the destructive event in Tokyo, Japan, as well as the Apatasaur-like, radiation-spewing beast named after the Biblical Behemoth, who arose from the River Thames to rampage through London a few years following the destruction event in Tokyo.[vi] During this same decade, a gigantic creature resembling a preying mantis—referred to alternately as “Pretor” or “the Deadly Mantis”—emerged from a frozen state of suspended animation in the Arctic, which is curiously the same locale that the Rhedorsaurs was likewise said to initially emerge from. The Deadly Mantis went on a rampage across various areas of the globe that ended with its crawling atop the Washington Monument in Washington, D.C., where it was shot down and subsequently dispatched by a grenade chucked at its head at close range by a soldier in the Manhattan Tunnel. It is believed that this creature was not a true giant insect, which is said to be a physiological impossibility by modern scientific understanding, but rather an animal genetically manufactured to resemble a colossal insect in outward appearance by the same ancient Lemurian geneticists who created the pseudo-dinosaurs, which may account for the reports of alleged strange dinosaur-like lizards and giant insects/arachnids appearing together on various South Seas islands and elsewhere.[vii]


                          But again, as mighty and dangerous as the likes of the            Rhedosaurus, the Giant Behemoth, the Deadly Mantis, and Zilla         undoubtedly were, it can be cogently argued by some scholars that         they could not be kaiju in the same vein as the legendary Godzilla         was described, as again, they clearly lacked his sheer power and         reported level of indestructibility. The city-wide destruction they         caused was considerable, and they were known to exhibit signs of         radioactivity, but in the end they proved no match for modern         military weaponry. So what other evidence may there be for the         reality of Godzilla and other, bona fide dai kaiju of his caliber?


          For one thing, let’s examine the legend of Mothra (Mosura in Japanese), despite the spiritual and nature-friendly aspect of this legend, as opposed to the apocalyptic imagery surrounding that of Godzilla. Let’s also note that the legend of Godzilla has been incorporated into the theology surrounding the Paganistic worship of Mothra, which is described on this official website (now under process of reconstruction). Godzilla is referred to in this faith as “the sacred beast of the apocalypse,” and other kaiju that Mothra allegedly protects the Earth from, according to proponents of her theology, includes a spectacularly huge three-headed flying dragon-like monster called King Ghidorah, who may have a metaphysical connection to the legendary eight-headed Japanese dragon Orochi.[viii]


Mothra is a kaiju who is allegedly an aspect of Mother Earth Herself, and appeared in the legends of the ancient people from Infant Island--which is the center of the Kaiju of Peace’s mythos--and she was later described in some detail in Takehiko Fukunaga’s book The Luminous Fairies and Mothra. All of this underscores the mystical nature of this gigantic insectoid being, which may possibly make her of distinct origin from the insectoid giants created by ancient Lemurian genetics. This is especially true since the legends claim that if Mothra should corporeally manifest in either her larval or imago (adult) stage, her size, power, and level of invulnerability would rival that of Godzilla, something the typical pseudo-insect giant of Lemurian genetic manufacture cannot claim. The religion centered around Mothra has flourished in Pagan circles throughout the world beginning at the Millennium and continuing throughout the first decade of the 21st century, and now into the second.


          Mothra, like Godzilla, may be nothing more than a legend connected to the realm of ancient superstition, Jungian archetypes, and alternative spirituality, but there were reports of an incident that besiged both Tokyo, Japan and Los Angeles, USA, in 1961 that was attributed to a corporeally manifested Mothra according to two separate reports, one filed by legendary maverick journalist Zenichiro “Bulldog” Fukuda, and the other by noted linguist Prof. Shinichi Chujo.[ix] According to their collective reports, a particularly corrupt American capitalist named Clark Nelson financed a mission in 1961 to the mystery-ridden atoll of Infant Island in the South Pacific, while Fukuda and Chujo accompanied the crew on that mission. They were said to all encounter an enclave of wise but primitive natives living in a safe oasis in the center of the radiation-ravaged island who worshipped Mothra as a sacred manifestation of the Mother Goddess of the Earth. Their priestesses were an alleged generational duo of identical twins, telepathically connected adolescent girls who both stood no more than 12 inches in height, and who greeted the interlopers peacefully; these twins were nicknamed the “Shobijin” (Japanese for “little beauties”) by Fukuda, a name that appears to have caught on with modern worshippers of the kaiju-cum-deity. However, Clark abducted the girls to display for profit in Japan, and this caused a giant larval Mothra of truly incredible size to emerge from an egg-like construct on the island and head for Japan. After being severely injured by a barrage of military weaponry, she cocooned herself atop Tokyo Tower, to emerge soon afterwards in her majestic imago (adult) form, after which she quickly flew to Los Angeles, USA, where Clark had fled with the Shobijin (in Mothra’s official theology, America is generously referred to by the code name “Rosilica,” and Los Angeles as “New Kirk City,” to avoid any suggestion of animosity towards Americans by the worldwide followers of this peaceful religion). Following a brief destructive flight through LA, Nelson was shot dead after opening fire on police officers who attempted to arrest him, and the Shobijin were peacefully returned to Infant Island by Mothra. 


          In the reports that have since been collected into book form by a member of the Ikeda clan, who is one of the lead practitioners of worship for Mothra outside of the people who are said to inhabit Infant Island, the spiritual center of worship for this particular faith. If these reports have any truth to them, the sheer physical size of Mothra and the scale of her destruction was clearly exaggerated, as were some of the energy-manipulating powers attributed to her in the theology, but not in evidence according to the actual reports. However, it’s curious that the Japanese Self Defense Force (JSDF) began developing an advanced new form of energy-based weaponry known as masers (also called Markelite technology) soon after the destructive event of Tokyo in 1954, and a prototype of maser weaponry was said to have been used (albeit unsuccessfully) against Mothra while pupating in her cocoon atop Tokyo Tower. It’s interesting to consider that the JSDF would develop such exotic weaponry at precisely this point in time, and it supposedly did so with financial and technological assistance from both the USA and Great Britain, both of whom claimed some reports of giant monster assaults, with Britain alleging an attack on London in that era by a genuine dai kaiju the reports dubbed Ogra, said to be the mother of a much smaller creature captured by English seamen called Gorgo after a legendary sea beast by that name.[x] Could the development of maser technology in Japan be construed as evidence that special measures were being taken by the Japanese government—with the assistance of the international community--against possible further kaiju incursions into Japan? The jury is still out on that one, but it’s an intriguing hypothesis to consider.


          What about reports of kaiju activity in Japan after 1961? Reports exist, but they are sparse, and again, unconfirmed. Prof. Charles Loridans of Wold Newton University acquired a report describing an alleged gigantic version of the Frankenstein Monster active around the Mt. Fuji area circa 1965, said to be the result of the irradiated heart of one of the copycats of the man-made monster patched together and brought to life by Dr. Victor Frankenstein being devoured by an almost feral homeless boy living amongst the ruins of Hiroshima. This boy supposedly mutated into an incredibly strong giant with great regenerative properties as a result, and during his mostly secretive jaunts through the wooded areas surrounding Mt. Fuji, living off the land, he encountered a large subterranean reptilian creature dubbed Baragon by the reports (for want of a better name), and battled this beast in the defense of report compilers Dr. James Bowen and his assistants, Sueko Tagami and Kenichiro Kawaji. The giant Frankenstein Monster was said to defeat Baragon by breaking its neck, only to then soon be destroyed by some mishap that is subject to conflicting accounts (which varies from a sudden freak earthquake to being pulled beneath a bracket water lake during a battle with a giant octopus). The following year, a severed piece of the giant Frankenstein Monster’s body that ended up underwater was said to have grown into a towering, grotesque semi-humanoid aquatic giant dubbed Gaila, who was said to terrorize the countryside of Japan by devouring human beings until the creature was taken out by now perfected maser technology.[xi] It should be noted that the reported size and power of creatures like Baragon and Gaila were quite a bit less than that of legendary monsters like Godzilla and Mothra, and in fact, Baragon may have been no larger than the Rhedosaurus, if that.


          Okay, so if Godzilla did attack and lay waste to the city of Tokyo in 1954, and Mothra did manifest and make speedy incursions into Tokyo and Los Angeles in 1961, followed by other sparingly scattered stories of kaiju activity in the ‘60s and possibly in the ‘70s, as well as more in 1999 into the early ‘00s,[xii] then how could all of this evidence have been covered up so effectively, so as to apparently exist only as figments of modern legends and the realm of contemporary industrial age mythology?


          Since the existence of dai kaiju has been renounced by even such renowned Wold Newton University scholars like Prof. Win Scott Eckert, who is readily familiar with the multitude of fantastic beings and realms that co-inhabit our world “under the radar” of the general public, if a cover-up did occur, then it was on quite a scale. Could it have been accomplished? I currently have no proof, but I speculate that it is indeed possible. There have been reports for over a century of powerful secret government agencies—who have code names like C.I.A.L.D., the Ordnance, G-Force, and others—who were said to use their vast resources and media influence to remove virtually all provable traces of actual covert invasions of our world by extraterrestrials, specifically two that occurred in England around 1898 and 1956 respectively, as well as more clandestine alien invasions from contingents of beings known as the “Greys,” and from a world known as Ummo.

     The main reason for a massive effort being channeled into a cover-up of such magnitude was to prevent worldwide panic, and a breakdown of  all of our revered social institutions that depend upon humanity living in relative comfort from the belief that the human race dominates the world, and is not at the mercy of any greater, materially manifested conscious forces. We are often subject to the annual devastation caused by forces of nature like hurricanes and earthquakes, along with the known possibility of being subjected to an extinction level collision with an Apollo asteroid, but the powers-that-be in government (not to be confused with the real Powers That Be) have decreed that these concerns are not the same as humanity fearing purposeful assaults from living beings outside of our species, or at least beings that closely simulate life as we know it. We have a vested interest in believing that we are top dog amongst all living and conscious beings on this world, and if this comforting belief is lost, mass anarchy could result, and traditional means of authority in our status quo could rapidly break down—or so our ruling officials have decided to be the case.

     Thanks to some research conducted by fellow kaiju scholars Ivan Ronald Schablotski and Jay Lindsey--which they generously passed my way--they have unearthed the existence of more secretive international government bureaus that seem designed to cover the existence of something big, including the manufacture of facetious stories to account for sometimes considerable amounts of destruction.  This includes a British organization referred to as the DMOA, which operates as a top secret branch of the Ministry of Defense, and the Norwegian government org known as the TSS, which has been connected to the disappearance of a small group of college students seeking to create a documentary in 2010. 


          Thus, it’s my conjecture that if dai kaiju do actually exist, their appearances throughout history, including the late 20th century into the present--it is late 2011 as I type these words, the dawn of the second decade in the 21st century)--have been very rare, and have never reached a worldwide level of catastrophe on the level seen in various alternate realities described by psychic investigators, including the alternate Earth described in detail by author Marc Cerasini, as well as others reported by various authors in comic books published by Marvels, Dark Horse, and IDW Publishing from the late ‘70s to the present. Further, if dai kaiju did—or do—in fact exist, then the evidence is minimal because they were covered up by the same agencies who similarly covered up both overt and covert alien invasions in modern history, and for mostly the same purpose.


          Further research will be conducted by me and others in the controversial sub-realm of kaiju studies, and hopefully in time, better and possibly even substantive evidence will be turned up to support the actual existence of dai kaiju despite their obvious rarity.





[i] The creation of these pseudo-dinosaurs by ancient Lemurian science for various purposes, and their scattered remains into the present era on various Pacific islands, first described in detail by scholar Mark Brown in his article "Prehistoric Survivors in the Pacific" (linked in the main body of this essay) has since been further extrapolated upon by my research.


[ii] This Is Tokyo, Yamato Press, Martin, Steven, 1964.


[iii] Dr. Yamane’s second description would be far more likely to be accurate, as trilobites became extinct about 250 million years ago according to the fossil record established by mainstream science, which is far earlier than even the dinosaurs appeared on Earth. They all died out during an early mass extinction event of unknown cause.


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