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 One of the best articles presenting research to

decipher the complex, conflicting, and convoluted

sources behind the Jack the Ripper legend was

compiled by Prof. Michael D. Winkle, and can be read


The Duke of Clarence was not mentioned in Prof.

Winkle's article as one of the many to take the identity

of Jack the Ripper. His syphilis-induced insanity may

have been further influenced via obsession or

possession by a "Ripper-geist" entity as described in

Prof. Winkle's article.

Also not mentioned, but of notable interest, was the

barrister Montague John Druitt, whose curious suicide

by leaping into the waters of the Thames occurred just

before the classic Ripper murders in Whitechapel had

ceased. Because of this, many books were written in

the early 20th century which hypothesized that Druitt

was the Ripper (or "a" Ripper, as the case may be).

According to Shanklin and Wheatley's report, Druitt

simply became obsessed with uncovering the truth

behind the murders, and followed Prince Albert upon

discovering his involvement. This led to a

confrontation with Dracula-Mordante during the

Vampire Lord's conflict with the Duke at the scene of

the latter's murder of Mary Jane Kelly. Dracula-

Mordante punished Druitt for his interference by

inducing complete insanity in him, which led to the

man's suicide a few days later -- this following an

intense interrogation by Dr. William Gull, who

demanded his silence about the incident for the sake

of the Royal Family. 

 It was noted in Prof. Winkle's article how the evil

Oriental mastermind Fu Manchu--whose exploits were

first recorded in a series of files by Sax Rohmer--was

revealed to have been responsible for creating a

series of Jack the Ripper soul-clones. This revelation

was recorded in Doug Moench's file "Red of Fang and

Claw, All Love Lost," translated in comic book format

and published in Deadly Hands of Kung Fu Vol. 1

#100 by Marvels Comics. In this 1980 incident,

Shang-Chi, the heroic legendary martial arts master,

and both son and opponent of Fu Manchu, battled one

of his sire's most recently created Ripper soul-clones.

 It appears that certain amoral or emotionally disturbed

physicians were particularly likely targets for Manchu's

psychic experiments in creating soul-clones of Jack

the Ripper. This was likely due to their surgical skills

making them ideal murderers of this sort. A few of

these physicians-turned-Ripper-soul-clones by the

Yellow Peril are the following, some named in Prof.

Winkle's article, but others not; and some of whom

were embroiled in time travel incidents due to

Whitechapel circa late 1880s being a loci point for

extratemporal and extradimensional activity, as also

noted by Prof. Winkle.

These temporal and interdimensional incursions and

excursions likely caused numerous alternate timelines

to branch off from the event, thus resulting in a

seemingly endless array of Jack the Ripper

counterparts of every category listed by Prof. Winkle.

Some of these alternate reality counterparts and

events were likely conflated with the already numerous

"mainstream" versions of the Ripper by unwary

psychics "studying" all relevant events and individuals

by means of remote viewing and psychometry. Their

notes and journals then likely resulted in more

conflation and confusion by other investigators, thus

making an already extremely complex phenomenon all

the more complicated and seemingly convoluted.

This is to say nothing of the various iterations of the

Ripper from alternate timelines who may have found

themselves summoned to the "mainstream" timeline

by various means at different points in time, thus

muddying the waters even further. Hence, sifting

through all the sources and files to uncover the

relevant facts in regards to "mainstream" history is a

major challenge for even the most top notch

investigators and researchers, with the myriad trails

leading in numerous directions. 

 * Dr. Albert Z. Fell's activities as a Ripper soul-clone

were uncovered in the late 1970s by criminologist and

author Lorraine Peters. To confirm this theory of hers,

she utilized a time portal manifested on the mysterious

privately owned atoll Fantasy Island to travel back to

1888. This extratemporal excursion would prove to

have disastrous consequences due to Dr.

Fell finding the portal and becoming loose on the

island circa 1979. Fell was stopped from killing Peters

by Mr. Roarke, the enigmatic curator of Fantasy

Island, and died seconds after fleeing back through the

portal to 1888 when he was run over by a horse-drawn


Fell had the chilling distinction of uttering the following

statement just before killing a victim: "I have the

remedy for all your ills." This incident was recorded in

Ron Friedman's and Don Ingalls' file "With Affection,

Jack the Ripper" (not to be confused with another file

of the same name by Dr. Michael Rhodes), which is a 

sub-file of the series of files entitled FANTASY


 It should be further noted that Fell's family lineage

has a long propensity for exhibiting mental instability

and criminal inclinations alongside brilliance. A good

example is Dr. Fell's great-nephew, history professor

and Egyptologist William McElroy, who developed a

dangerous and cunning criminal alter persona that

called himself King Tut. This alter persona became a

persistent recurring nemesis of the Batman and Robin

team from the late 1960s whose activity became the

subject of the various files placed under the rubric of

Batman '66.

Other relatives serving as examples include Mr.

Schubert, another evil expatriate scientist from the

advanced undersea cities branching off from Latitude

Zero. Schubert had recurrent clashes with Mark

Harris, the civilian identity of the Atlantean whose

exploits were recorded in THE MAN FROM ATLANTIS

series of files (the secret undersea city of LATITUDE

ZERO is first described in Shinichi Sekizawa's

eponymous file); a second cousin once removed

Pamise Surigao, the crafty Prohibition era liquor

smuggler who competed with the Chicago mob and

clashed with Eliot Ness' law enforcement team, as

recorded in John Mantley's file "The Gang War," a

sub-file of the file series called THE

UNTOUCHABLES; and Surigao's nephew Charles

Colvin, a California barber who during the early 1960s

had an evening "career" as a destructive pyromaniac,

as reported in John Kueubuhl's file "Firebug,"

included in a larger set of files titled G.E. True.

 * Dr. John Leslie Stephenson, who absconded with

the time machine invented in the late 19th century by

Adam Bruce Clarke Wildman (a.k.a., Adam Dane),

and traveled "forward" to the year 1979--which seems

to be a natural loci point from Whitechapel circa

1888--where he was pursued and defeated by H.G.

Wells. This was recorded in Karl Alexander's and

Steve Hayes's file TIME AFTER TIME.

This time travel may have resulted in any number of

alternate timelines, and alternate versions of both

Stephenson and Wells, being diverged from the

"mainstream" iterations.These alternate versions of

Stephenson could have met different fates from the

one recorded in this file on other timelines, and may

have taken on different identities in different locales

over time. 

 * Sir William Gull, the Royal Surgeon of Queen

Victoria and neurologist who served as the personal

physician of Prince Albert "Eddy" Victor during his

decline from syphilis. Dr. Gull had acted to cover up

Prince Eddy's involvement by various elaborate and

unethical means alongside the latter's wealthy close

friend James Kenneth Stephen, cab driver John

Charles Netley, and the influential Assistant

Commissioner of Scotland Yard & intelligence officer

Sir Robert Anderson. Gull's involvement caused the

murders to sometimes be directly attributed to him,

though he was certainly no innocent in the affair. More

on the Royal Family conspiracy aspect of the Ripper

murders in a minute.

 * Dr. Dennis Orloff, a disturbed and embittered

physician who went mad and began killing prostitutes

in misplaced retaliation for abuse he received from his

late mother, who was also a prostitute. Orloff may

have been possessed by a discarnate "Ripper-geist"

personality fragment, rather than one of Manchu's

soul-clones, as he would have been an ideal host to

drive towards such vile acts. Of course, his history

would obviously have made him a perfect Ripper

soul-clone as well.The truth has yet to be

substantiated either way, however, much like many

aspects of the Ripper phenomenon. Dr. Orloff's history

was recorded in Jess Franco's file JACK THE


* Dr. John Carmody, a psychiatrist who was one of the

individuals to take up the mantle of Jack the Ripper

who was documented by Robert Bloch, specifically in

his report "Yours Truly, Jack the Ripper." This

individual was hunted for a good ten years, beginning

around 1930, by Scotland Yard detective Sir Guy

Hollis after the killer murdered his fiance'. This

decade-long obsessive hunt led Hollis to New York

City's Greenwich Village circa 1940, where the killer

now taking the guise of Carmody unfortunately got the

drop on the detective and killed him.

According to Hollis' theory, the man he later knew as

Carmody was a physician who also happened to be a

mystic practicing in the dark arts, and the classic six

victims attributed to Jack the Ripper were the initial

blood sacrifices required to grant him a form of limited

immortality, along with possibly other attributes such

as enhanced strength. He apparently either needed to

continue killing to offer "booster" sacrifices so as to

maintain the pact with these unknown "dark gods" that

granted him passive immortality, or continued to do so

simply for the sadistically pleasurable "rush" he

received from doing this like so many other serial

killers. There may be truth to Hollis' theory, or it's

possible Carmody was an already emotionally

disturbed physician who was possessed by a

Ripper-geist entity. What became of Carmody after

this incident has yet to be determined. 

Bloch's report was later adapted into different formats

by other researchers. This includes the comic book


Ron Goulart's file, published in both Journey Into

Mystery Vol. 2 #2 and Masters of Terror #1 by Marvels

Comics; and Joe R. and John L. Lansdale in Yours

Truly, Jack the Ripper #1-3 by IDW Comics.

Another version of Bloch's report was

recorded by Barre Lyndon and told by actor and

conscripted horror host Boris Karloff as the Yours

Truly, Jack the Ripper sub-file of his master file

THRILLER (this is connected to but not the same as

the horror host's other master file Boris Karloff's

Thriller, quickly changing its file name to Boris

Karloff's Tales of Mystery, published between the early

1960s to the end of the 1970s by Gold Key Comics). 

As other MONSTAAH scholars, such as Prof. Gregory

Long has surmised, it's possible that Dr. Stephenson's

seemingly fatal dispersion across the time stream

courtesy of H.G. Wells may have had repercussions

across the multiverse, thus causing at least some of

the temporal divergences resulting in numerous and

disparate versions of Jack the Ripper as described in

Prof. Winkle's article. This could explain several of the

multiple conflicting accounts and apparent individuals

to take on the mantle of the Ripper, each providing

"evidence" to different researchers that they were the

"true" Jack the Ripper.

It's also possible, as Prof. Long has also surmised,

that Dr. Stephenson's dispersed physical form could

have materialized back in his native time period as the

evil disembodied entity who became known as Redjac,

who literally feeds on fear and terror, and who has

possessed different human beings whom "he" forced

to commit acts of horrific murder fitting the same

patterns as those of his previous human incarnation in

order to produce society-wide fear to sustain "his"

non-corporeal existence.

If multiple dimensional versions of Redjac materialized

in different places due to this temporal dispersion,

then they could have become responsible for at least

some of the evil and murderous disembodied

possessing beings that Prof. Winkle referred to as the

Ripper-geist entities.

Other theories have postulated that Redjac is of

extraterrestrial origin, either singular in nature or a

race of such beings who travel throughout the cosmos

to worlds inhabited by sentient material beings which

they can possess to wreak their grisly fear-inducing

havoc. This theory originated with a 'future file'

psychically compiled by the late Robert Bloch that he

titled Wolf in the Fold. In the alternate future of the

late 23rd century events recorded in this file -

presuming they ever actually end up "occurring" in any

shape or form (even though time is not actually linear,

and all future events on any given timeline have

indeed "occurred" in a strange quantum sense, but

that's a whole other topic) - the Redjac entity is/will be

encountered on a humanoid-inhabited planet called

Argelius II.

Of course, this doesn't necessarily mean

that Redjac originated in deep space. Rather, the

dread entity may simply have stowed/will stow away

on a human and/or other race's starships in certain

alternate futures where interstellar travel becomes

feasible and commonplace. 

Regarding the Redjac entity, "he" is known to have

been on Earth into the 1970s, where he was

encountered and defeated on at least two known

occasions -- once by the reporter Carl Kolchak, as

recorded in Rudolph Borchert's report The Ripper, a

sub-file of the master file called KOLCHAK: THE

NIGHT STALKER; and again by crusading adventurer

Gary Seven and his assistant Roberta Lincoln while

possessing and enhancing a human being on the other

side of the world, as recorded in Greg Cox's two

volume file The Eugenics Wars: The Rise and Fall of

Khan Noonian Singh. It was evidently first discovered

by Kolchak that humans possessed by the entity were

vulnerable to high voltage electricity. Short-term

exposure will render the being temporarily inactive,

causing the host to seemingly lose consciousness

during that time; repeated exposure will kill the human

host and drive Redjac out of them in short order (the

reporter had no idea that the human killer was

possessed by a discarnate energy being).

Several other researchers have focused their detective

work on uncovering the Jack the Ripper copycat (or

copycats?) connected to the always scandal-ridden

British Royal Family of the late Victorian era,

particularly (as noted above) Prince Albert "Eddy"

Victor, the Duke of Clarence, who was eventually

driven murderously mad during the advanced stages

of the then-incurable venereal disease syphilis. In fact,

Prince Albert was the version of Jack the Ripper

encountered by Dracula-Mordante in Shanklin and

Wheatley's file Blood of the Innocent

 The Royal Family conspiracy aspect of the Ripper

murders was uncovered and described in Stephen

Knight's file Jack the Ripper: The Final Solution

(though it was, of course, simply one amongst many

"solutions"). Knight further contended that the

conspirators involved were members of the

Freemasons, and that their involvement was partially

the result of some forbidden rituals conducted by at

least a corrupt, mystically inclined sub-set of the


This conspiracy was further elaborated upon in other

sources, including the file Blood of the Innocent

described above; Alan Moore's file From Hell (later

made into an altered version in movie format); Peter

Barnes's file THE RULING CLASS; Derrik Marlowe's

and David Wickes's 2-part file JACK THE RIPPER;

and Robert Rodat's file THE RIPPER.

 The legendary detective Sherlock Holmes has been

attributed with uncovering portions of this conspiracy

as well. However, it's believed that, in actuality,

various other detectives imitating his methods and

gaining a reputation of their own by doing so were

actually involved, and had these cases later

mis-attributed to Holmes by certain biographers.

It can be certain that the real Sherlock Holmes took an

interest in the Ripper murders, however, but due to the

complexity of the phenomenon, it's likely his

investigations took him on the trail of specific

participants prior to building a theory of the true

immensity of the variables (and entities) involved. The

same thing likely occurred with the various Holmes

imitators who took up the case, either at the time or


 Other factions of the Royal Family had a history of

crime and insanity that led to murders of women, often

prostitutes, that in time were conflated with the main

Ripper murders by the various biographers.

These other homicidal and misogynistic killers from

the Royal Family allegedly included the Duke of

Shires, whose case was solved by master detective

Hercule Poirot and mis-attributed to Sherlock Holmes

in Donald and Derek Ford's file A STUDY IN


The latter case was later taken up by the American

master detective Ellery Queen, who was hired by a

client to "clear' the name of the original suspect; this

was described in Paul W. Fairman's file A Study in

Terror: Ellery Queen vs. Jack the Ripper. A casual

study of both files make it quite clear that a case of

alternative murders was conflated with the main

Ripper murders by the biographers, and it's still not

certain at this time if Poirot or Queen were correct in

their differing conclusions of the Duke of Shires'

involvement in Victorian era atrocities.

An actual investigation conducted by the authentic

Sherlock Holmes and Dr. John Watson is said to

have uncovered the conspiracy surrounding the Duke

of Clarence's complicity in some of the Ripper

murders, as recorded in John Hopkins's file MURDER

BY DECREE. Interestingly, Inspector G. Lestrade was

involved with both the Poirot and authentic Holmes

investigations. Watson's recording of the event may

have been stifled by royal decree to both Scotland

Yard and the London media, only to later be

reconstructed from notes uncovered by Hopkins.

At least one other soul-clone has alluded to an

encounter with Jack the Ripper, but it's currently

unknown which version of the Ripper this may have

been; the implication seemed to be that it was one of

the fully human copycats. 

 At least one version of Jack the Ripper is vampiric,

which likely explains several periodic reports of

Ripper-like murders continuing sporadically into the

present time, along with contributing to the rumors that

the Ripper is immortal.

The most prominent vampire to take the mantle of

Jack the Ripper began his career as a fully human

serial killer copycat, only to be vampirized and

subjugated by Countess Elisabeth Bathory, a.k.a., the

Blood Countess, during her visit to London circa 1888.

He has likely acted independently of her during the

times she was "indisposed" between the late 19th

century and the present, and at other times serving

her will directly. Most recently, the Vampire Ripper

aided Countess Bathory during her 2010 encounter

with Vampirella and Jonathan Collins (vampiric cousin

to Barnabas Collins) in New York City, as recorded in

Mark Andreyko's file published by Dynamite Comics

as Dark Shadows/Vampirella #1-5. The soul-clone

Dracula-Mordante had a brief but important role in the

conclusion of these events; for more info on his

involvement, see the entry for 2010

Of course, there are so many different theories and

files dealing with the phenomenon and personages

said to have taken the mantle of Jack the Ripper that

it's impossible to cover all of them here for reasons of

space and maintenance of topic. Other researchers

connected to MONSTAAH have conducted extensive

research and formulated their own theories, which will

be revealed in due course. The mysterious and bloody

phenomenon that is Jack the Ripper is too complex

and full of divergent branches of evidence for

MONSTAAH to decree any one particular theory to be

definitively "correct" over every other.

Shanklin and Wheatley's file makes a few errors, such

as mistakenly conflicting Dracula-Mordante with

Dracula-Prime, and describing the main individual

responsible for the latter's destruction as "Dr.

Johnathan Harker." Harker, of course, was not a

physician nor did he have a doctorate degree, and

even though he did have a major hand in ending

Dracula-Prime's infamous 1887 reign of terror in

London, the effort was coordinated by Dr. Abraham

Van Helsing -- who was indeed a physician.