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  This timeline was provided to MONSTAAH by our

new, mysterious, freelance operative known only as





  When this young man informed me that our

MONSTAAH Timeline was overlooking many key

events that involved the supernatural creatures of


which we chronicle, we were, of course, skeptical.




  However, through his persistence and initiative he

was able to show proof that secrets were being

divulged in the medium known as 'Video Games.'



How the creators of said games were able to obtain


so much information that we at MONSTAAH were not

privy to remains an enigma, as does the fact that they


reveal this dangerous knowledge in such a manner.




 Whatever the case, the evidence of the accuracy of

the Acolyte's research holds up, and has caused

quite a stir amongst MONSTAAH scholars.



 As we research this timeline, on an event by event

case, we will begin to incorporate it into the Main

MONSTAAH Timeline.




 Until then, study the Castlevania timeline as

presented here for yourselves, and perhaps you

might find more clues to help MONSTAAH explain


any inconsistencies between this timeline and the

established MONSTAAH research.



- Prof. Chuck Loridans