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    2. The original CHILDREN OF THE NIGHT Timeline is back! And it can be found here! The original timeline has been reconstructed exactly as it was by its creator and MONSTAAH's founder, Prof. Chuck Loridans, and is now entirely under the control of Prof. Loridans!

      The heavily extrapolated timeline that appears here on the revived MONSTAAH site used the framework of Prof. Loridans' timeline as it appeared on the original MONSTAAH site, but contains numerous extrapolations and additions that in some ways went well afield of Prof. Loridans' original intentions. It was clear to this author, as a friend and colleague of Prof. Loridans who respects MONSTAAH's founder immensely, that the two timelines needed to stand alone as two distinct entities, both available in their own right for creative mythographers who favor different approaches and methodologies in the course of their own writings and/or research. Accordingly, my own timeline has been re-named The Triumvirate of Terror Timeline, and as noted before, it utilizes the framework and general spirit of Prof. Loridans' timeline, but includes numerous additions and extrapolations that are more suited to this author's own corner of the Crossover Universe [CU], which I refer to as the Wild Hunt Universe [WHU]. Stay tuned to find out why!

    1. Up above, you will find links to the many different sections of the MONSTAAH website, and you can peruse the many informative areas of our official database. On the subject of monsters, being informed is the equivalent of being forewarned and forearmed.




    Check out this way cool tribute to the anniversary of Bram Stoker's passing that Google graced its users with on November 11th, 2012. The graphic artisans working for Google are known for being creative with the design of their page logo to mark special occasions, and their artistic contribution to this particular occasion certainly deserves to be preserved here by MONSTAAH. I think our founding father, Prof. Chuck Loridans, would be proud to have this one displayed on the revival of his classic site :-)



    MONSTAAH Recommends:






















    SHERLOCK HOLMES: THE CROSSOVERS CASEBOOK is hot off the presses of Moonstone Books, edited by the late great Howard Hopkins, and featuring tales of the Great Detective having encounters with fellow literary legends like Auguste Dupin; Prof. George Challenger; Lawrence of Arabia; Sexton Blake; Harry Houdini; and Doc Savage's father, Colonel Savage.  Stories by some of the premiere pulp fiction authors of today, like Win Scott Eckert; Matthew Baugh; Will Murray; and many more!






















    TALES OF THE SHADOWMEN: AGENTS PROVOCATEURS is the eighth volume of the annually published pulp fiction anthology series by Black Coat Press, and like all the other volumes in the series this installment features great tales of the amazing heroes and villains of French pulp literature and noir cinema by contemporary pulp fiction authors such as Win Scott Eckert; Matthew Baugh; Rick Lai; Micah Harris; Matthew Dennison; Kim Newman; Jean-Marc & Randy Lofficier (also the esteemed editors); and featuring the debut published appearance of yours truly, as I rub literary shoulders with the true giants of the genre.


















    THE ANNOTATED CARMILLA is the full classic vampire novella by Joseph Le Fanu but fully annotated and explained by over 400 detailed footnotes courtesy of vampire expert D. MacDowell Blue, and includes a new preface about the novella by Andrew M. Boylan and a new introduction about Le Fanu himself by David A. Sutton, both fellow vampire experts.  Make no mistake, there are several different reprintings of this novella with the above title, but this is the only one amongst them that is actually annotated, and thus the only one worth endorsing, so accept no substitutes!




























    The newest great e-booklet by vampire expert and MONSTAAH contributor David MacDowell Blue, STRIKING A CHORD: A Look At Harry Potter, Twilight and The Hunger Games, is now available on For a meager cost of 99 cents, you get a lengthy essay detailing the secrets of success shared by these three book-to-movie series, which boils down to an exegesis explaining what elements these three seemingly dissimilar series in the Young Adult horror/fantasy/suspense genres had that enabled them to become such runaway successes, even outside of their intended demographic, for their respective creators - J.K. Rowling, Stephanie Meyer, and Suzanne Collins - despite the equally large amount of admonishment they routinely receive from hate critics of all ages and both genders. David has provided a highly affordable and thoughtful essay that no fan or hater of any or all of these three series should miss, and something all prospective writers should consider when carrying out their own endeavors towards duplicating the success of these three women. As David will also make clear in this detailed analysis, a great fortune can come with an extremely successful book series, but so it also comes at a great cost, as you will inevitably make as many enemies as you do fans.




    Now available on is another MONSTAAH-endorsed e-book from our resident vampire expert and site contributor, David MacDowell Blue:  YOUR VAMPIRE STORY (And How to Write It).  For the many horrorphiles out there who have dreamed of writing a successful vampire novel, this 58-page e-tome will give you the skinny on the various tropes and cliches he has seen in the multitude of vampire material he has read throughout his life, what type of formulas have ultimately worked--or not worked--and why in both cases, the various questions one would typically have when planning such a novel and how other writers approached them, and explanations on how to design a unique version of the Undead for your own novel.  At a mere $1.99, this small book is a bargain, and you can stake your un-life on that!



    As of today (that's 8/30/12 to those of us who follow linear time), the hard copy version of the new pulp sci-fi anthology ALIENS AMONG US Vol. 1 (don't you dare confuse it with the paranormal study of "walk-ins" by Ruth Montgomery from 1987!) courtesy of Pulp Empire is on sale, so look for it on; an e-book version is now available on The theme of this anthology, the latest of many from prominent pulp fiction publisher Nick Ahlhelm, is short stories from multiple authors featuring extraterrestrial beings arriving on Earth in familiar settings of either the past or present, and interacting with humans, both positively and destructively. The first volume of this newest anthology series from Pulp Empire is particularly noteworthy to regular visitors of this site because one of the ten authors whose work it includes is yours truly, with a short story entitled, "A Martian Warrior on Earth." Spinning off from the great sci-fi pulp oeuvre of both Edgar Rice Burroughs and H.G. Wells, the story features a Red Martian law enforcement officer of Barsoom arriving on the dark urban environment of the American Earth city Rochester, New York circa late 1980s, his mission consisting of a clandestine hunt for a genetically modified member of the predatory, fascistic octopoid alien race known as the Sarmaks, who had previously attempted to conquer both the Earth of the Wold Newton Universe and Barsoom of the Edgar Rice Burroughs Universe circa 1898. Fans of both Burroughs' classic "John Carter of Mars" book series (beginning with A PRINCESS OF MARS) and H.G. Wells' classic novel THE WAR OF THE WORLDS may want to check this out, as it features a further progression of both Mars-related mythos, further extrapolating upon the hidden connection between the two literary sci-fi pulp franchises first explored by other authors, including Alan Moore in THE LEAGUE OF EXTRAORDINARY GENTLEMEN Vol. 2.

     Important note: At least some embedded videos may not work or even appear on mobile devices. If you are viewing this site on  a mobile device for the main purpose of watching an embedded video, you may see just a blank space here, and will need to view on a computer to watch the video. My apologies for the inconvenience, but that's technology for you.

    Below is the trailer for my friend and fellow author Lynn Peterson's upcoming novel WICCAN SAMHAIN, which is the first of a trilogy of books that are part of THE WITCHING HOUR series, and it will likely appeal to the visitors of this site. This series is highly recommended by MONSTAAH, and all you need to do to get the full skinny on it is to run the trailer below.  Be sure to get your e-copy when it goes on sale, and let the stars of the book cast a spell over your mind and heart. On sale soon!


    For all Kindle readers who happen to be fans of horror fiction looking for a cool but inexpensive treat for Samhain, you can't go wrong with the PSYCHOPOMP HALLOWE'EN SPECIAL (as well as a large bag of candy corn to munch on while reading it, of course). For a single buck, you get a cool little anthology with six great short stories, one of which happens to be courtesy of Kevin T. Heim, a writer and expert on all things horror-oriented whose work and ideas have been a great inspiration to many in the field of creative mythography for over a decade now, including yours truly. You may have read the early online version of this tale of a motorcycle-riding Frankenstein Monster vs. flesh-eating zombies here on MONSTAAH first, but there's nothing like having the official print version of it on your Kindle tablets at all times, plus the five other great stories in this e-tome to boot! If you can't find someone to kill for it since it's in digital format, then just resort to parting with a single mangy buck to acquire such a treat!


    Now on sale from Black Coat Press is TALES OF THE SHADOWMEN: LA VIE EN NOIR, the 9th volume of this annual anthology featuring crossover tales of the classic pulp heroes and villains from early 20th century French literature and cinema. The tales are scribed by both promising newcomers and an august body of great contemporary pulp fiction authors, and I'm honored to have one of my stories included in this esteemed line-up for the second time.


    The eminently affordable horror anthology PSYCHOPOMP CHRISTMAS SPECIAL is now here, and for just a buck you get seven short stories of titillating terror with a holiday theme. This volume includes among its roster of tales another contribution from MONSTAAH's own Kevin T. Heim, as he brings a very colorful character creation of his to the published page for the first time.  All horrorphiles should do themselves a favor and purchase this e-book as a fine belated Christmas gift to themselves and/or a fellow horror fan whom they respect--or maybe for several such special people in your lives--since at just $1.00 each, you can easily afford to do so!

    Two new anthologies featuring the work of yours truly, courtesy of the great peeps at Scarlett River Press, are now available in digital format:


    RIGOROUS MORTIS: A MORTICIAN'S TALES is an assortment of stories featuring those esteemed individuals who work with dead bodies, albeit probably of the more twisted variety than any you may be acquainted with in real life (at least as far as you know! It's not like they tell  you everything that goes on between them and the corpses they work with in those lonely mortuary chambers of theirs!). My own contribution to the collection is "Picking Up the Pieces," a yarn whose title is more than merely metaphorical, as you will see. It concerns a mortician nicknamed "Mort" (were you expecting something emphasizing creativity over simple appropriateness?),  who runs a funeral home, and has a social connection with the bodies he works with that may seem a bit unsettling to us "normal" folk, who prefer the company of the living (then again, I can't speak for all of you...). Oh, and he also does jobs on the side for a powerful Italian mob family, which invariably helps him add fresh (well, not completely, if you get my meaning) new faces to his social clique. 

    You can order the treeware version here, and your required choice of digital formatted version here.


    The second recently released anthological (if that's not a word, it should be) offering from Scarlett River Press to feature some work from yours truly' is the horror/romance hybrid BLOOD & ROSES, featuring a myriad assortment of tales that each incorporate the twin themes of (in case you have trouble guessing): roses and blood. My personal contribution is the story "Love Really Bites," a title that also steers more than a bit towards the literal. This tale features the debut published appearance of a man named Mike Nero, taking place during his first year in college. About as unlucky in love as any guy you've ever known, Mike meets a very  pretty girl named Latrella, who has become the love of his life... well, at least in his mind. In her own mind, he is simply a means to an end, a relationship of convenience. Sounds like too many typical love stories, both in print and those you've known in real life, huh? Except for two important little details:  Mike is a werewolf, and Latrella is a vampire. And this means a lot of horrific trouble is in store for not only Mike's fractured heart and unstable psyche, but many of their fellow students on campus, as Mike tries to prove his love by providing his girlfriend with a steady supply of that which she needs to survive (I'll let you guess whether that happens to be blood or roses). 

    No treeware version is available yet, but you can get the digital version in your format of choice here

    Now available from the New Pulp pioneers at Black Coat Press is the newest of their anthologies to feature work from yours truly:



    This anthology features 26 short stories of the premier dark knight of pulp fiction in the 20th century--he premiered in two film serials and accompanying novelizations two decades before the premiere of similarly themed American vigilante heroes like the Shadow, the Spider, and Batman--16 of which were exclusively written for this anthology. I am proud to have four of my own stories appearing amongst the bylines of such an august body of authors, some of the leading names in the New Pulp literary extravaganza of the early 21st century. One of my tales in this tome, "Justice and Power," is a reprint from Black Coat Press' previous anthology, NIGHT OF THE NYCTALOPE, where Judex is forced to up against France's great super-soldier known as the Nyctalope during a dark World War I incident. As for my three new tales in this volume, they are:  "The Beast Within," a 1917 tale where Judex must face off against Bertrand Calliet, the infamous Werewolf of Paris, in the character's first published appearance (to my knowledge) since his classic eponymous early 20th century novel by Guy Endore;  "The Ultimate Prize," as Judex must battle the powerful Dracula soul-clone Dracula-Mordante in 1919 Paris, when the Vampire Lord offers the "gift" of vampirism to a desperate actress; and "Eye of the Tiger-Man," a story from the late 1920s where a very driven Judex travels to India to procure a rare plant that is the only hope for a close friend and ally who is dying after being poisoned, a blood-soaked quest that brings him into conflict with the noble but fearsome jungle hero Felifax, the Tiger-Man, who is also appearing in print here for the first time since his single early 20th century novel by French author Paul Feval Jr. (fils).

     At this writing, it's only available in treeware format, and you can order it here.


     And speaking of NIGHT OF THE NYCTALOPE by Black Coat Press, this anthology is entirely devoted to tales of the classic French pulp super-hero Leo Saint-Clair, a.k.a., the Nyctalope, his code name derived from his power to see in total darkness... which is far from the only special attribute this cutting edge agent of the French government has at his disposal. He served as a prototype for the many costumed super-heroes to follow in the four-color comic book medium that would first appear on the scene a decade following his initial appearance in French pulp literature during the 1920s. This anthology starts off with a rare World War II novella by creator Jean de La Hire, followed by 16 original short stories from a fine coterie of contemporary pulp fiction authors. I'm proud to have two of my stories among this fine august body of authors. Not only did the above-mentioned "Justice and Power" first appear in this volume, but also featured is my short story "Requiem for a Regime," a tale taking place in Nazi Germany during World War II where the Nyctalope runs into no less a threat than Dracula himself during an unauthorized mission in the "Fatherland." 

     You can get it here very affordably for your Kindle here. Or, if you prefer to have the treeware version, you can get it here

    Next on the important announcement list is an in-progress event that I'm really proud to post here, as well as doing my share to provide what sponsorship I can. 


    My friend and colleague, author and playwright David McDowell Blue, has recently begun making valiant efforts to get his theater version of Joseph Sheridan LeFanu's classic 19th century vampire novella CARMILLA onto the stage in Los Angeles. The script is written, several talented thespians have done read-throughs for the various character parts, and a producer and director are on board. All that needs be done is for David and his ensemble to raise the cash for the necessary financial requirements to make this happen. To that end, David has begun a blog to record the progress of this project, which includes his insightful posts on adapting this novella into a medium faithful to LeFanu's vision, as well as profiles of all thus far involved with the production, here.

    David has also put together a site on CafePress that is selling limited edition t-shirts, hats, coffee mugs, and other items bearing the above cool logo of the play, with all proceeds going towards financing the production. The site is here, and you can help sponsor the play by purchasing any of these cool items, so get 'em while the coffee is still hot!

    In the meantime, you can both donate directly and check out David's new video trailer for the play here


    I'm totally stoked to announce that the debut  publication of a new up-and-coming author, Lauren Peyton, whom I'm proud to have as a friend and colleague, is now on sale.  Lauren put a lot of hard work into THE DEADLIEST SECRET, the first of "The Deadliest Series" trilogy, and I encourage all readers to come on board now, when the nightmarish journey begins. Book 1 introduces us to Gwen, a prison psychologist who has the exalted position of being on staff at Washington State, a penitentiary infamous far and wide for holding the most dangerous hardened criminals in the United States.  Gwen faces extreme danger on a daily basis at her job, but never more so than the day Kody, the most dangerous of all the inmates, becomes obsessed with her. The dark and deadly secret she keeps as a result becomes harder to conceal as a bloody body count begins piling up around them. When the secret is finally out, will Gwen be able to save the people she loves the most, let alone herself? The odds seem largely against her when Kody determines he will possess her at all costs. 

    You can get the digital version of this (estimated) 407 page novel for Kindle for a very affordable $3.99 here.  For those who prefer the traditional treeware version, you can order the paperback at an affordable $12.35 here.



     ATTACK! OF THE B-MOVIE MONSTERS: NIGHT OF THE GIGANTIS  is the newest anthology to feature a short story from yours truly. Published by the good folks at Grinning Skull Press, and edited by Harrison Graves, this tome contains 21 short stories by different authors surrounding the theme of those classic giant monster films from the 1950s. My story, "The Shapeless Things to Come," features a young company man who is just trying to eke out a good living for his family in the '50s, finding himself  forced by corporate decree to supervise a brilliant but over-zealous, reckless, impatient, and typically arrogant scientist who has discovered a means of making normally small animals grow... big. As in, monstrously big. A series of bloody mishaps in the lab do not deter this scientist from deciding to test his growth process on an animal of microscopic size: an amoeba. The tragic and horrifying results that follow are just screaming to be read!

     You can purchase this fairly large anthology in e-book form for your Kindle, which is being sold at the very reasonable rate of $4.99 on Amazon here. For those who still prefer the treeware version and do not mind the shipping charges tacked onto it, you can get the paperback here for a still affordable $15.26. 

     No version available on Smashwords in other digital formats yet, but I'll keep this section updated!



    For fans of H.P. Lovecraft, particularly his character Herbert West, a.k.a., the Reanimator, you cannot go wrong with Pete Rawlik's novel  REANIMATORS. One of the best scribes of Lovecraft's daunting legacy in the modern age, and also one of the most faithful to the dark spirit pervading his tales of terror, Rawlik's incredible follow-up to one of Lovecraft's most famous horror yarns, Herbert West--Reanimator, is well worth the cover price. This novel also adds an air of pulp adventure, fitting it well into the popular New Pulp Movement, as well as appealing to fans of creative mythography and the Wold Newton mythos, who enjoy the fantastic concept of a shared universe among diverse characters and concepts; these crossovers are culled not only from Lovecraft's personal oeuvre, but from elsewhere in horror literature and film, both classic and obscure. Peter certainly deserves the overwhelmingly positive response his book received on Amazon, and it comes highly recommended by MONSTAAH.

     Those who own a Kindle or have the free Kindle For PC app on their computer can get the e-book version here for $9.99, or you can get the treeware version here for $12.33.  An audible version of the book is available for $21.95 if you have the Amazon Kindle's Audible app.

      Above we have the 2-part "Shadow of Dracula" story arc written by T. Casey Brennan for Warren's VAMPIRELLA #18-19, both parts of which can be read in their entirety to the backdrop of some very well chosen tunes, courtesy of sirjohncool's YouTube channel. They feature some of Vampi's early encounters with Dracula-Mordante chronicled in Warren Comics, which are of pivotal importance to this site's Children of the Night timeline.  Many thanks to Mr. Brennan for the great inspiration gleaned from his stories, and to sirjohncool for making them readily available for our reading pleasure on YouTube.

     Important note: At least some embedded videos may not work or even appear on mobile devices. If you are viewing this site on  a mobile device for the main purpose of watching an embedded video, you may see just a blank space here, and will need to view on a computer to watch the video. My apologies for the inconvenience, but that's technology for you.

      Another item of coolness for fans of T. Casey Brennan is this tune "Let Them Rise" from his band Frankenhead. Here you get to behold an entire Lovecraftian chant performed by Mr. Casey himself, a true reproduction of precisely the type of unholy monologue you would hear from the Cult of Chaos at one of their rituals. Fans of both Lovecraft and Mr. Casey's work should definitely check this out, as it's cool as Nifleheim! (I would have said the more common "cool as Hell," but that would make less sense if you think about it!).

      For more of T. Casey Brennan's material, you should check out his page on my website The Warrenverse (which is also worth revisiting, if I do say so myself, especially if you're a fan of the old Warren Comics characters who are lesser known than Warren's three biggest stars, Vampi, Pantha, and the Rook).



      Win Scott Eckert's newest novella, THE SCARLET JAGUAR from Meteor House, is the second pulp adventure novel featuring the inimitable Patricia "Pat" Wildman, the cousin of Dr. Clark Wildman... better known to both old and new pulp fans as Doc Savage! This book is an official sequel to THE EVIL IN PEMBERLEY HOUSE by Subterranean Press, the novel that Win collaborated with the late, great sci-fi/pulp adventure author Philip Jose' Farmer on, which was also PJF's final great contribution to the world of fiction. Both are sold out at this writing, but I'm personally expecting another print run of each, especially since Win was just handed the 2014 New Pulp Award for best novella. Not only that, but cover artist Mark Sparacio won the award for best cover art.  Congrats to both! 

      Speaking of which...


      Now available for pre-order from Meteor House is the trade paperback version of the previously sold out initial novel in the Patricia Wildman saga, THE EVIL IN PEMBERLEY HOUSE by Philip Jose' Farmer and Win Scott Eckert. This collaborative tome is the final published work of the late, great sci-fi and pulp adventure author PJF, and it details the daughter of classic pulp hero Dr. James Clarke "Doc" Wildman (better known to pulp and fantastic fiction aficionados as Doc Savage) as she inherits Pemberley House, the manse from Jane Austin's PRIDE AND PREJUDICE (yanno, the original version of the novel without the zombies thrown in), as she struggles to reconcile her rational scientific training with the apparent supernatural goings-on at the family estate, as a mystery involving elements from the Sherlockian canon unfolds about her. 


       Never one too modest to plug my own work, I would like to recommend the pulp adventure anthology TALES OF THE SHADOWMEN: ESPRIT DE CORPS, the 10th volume of this esteemed annual publication by Black Coat Press highlighting horror, adventure, and detective characters from classic French pulp fiction.  I'm quite proud to be the author of one of the short stories in this volume, and sharing a byline with some of the best storytellers in the New Pulp Movement that I've ever read.  The paperback version is available here, with the digital version soon to follow.



      Meteor House has also released the digital version of Christopher Paul Carey's highly recommended pulp fantasy novel EXILES OF KHO for Amazon's Kindle, which is a great prequel to Philip Jose' Farmer's epic fantasy novels HADON OF ANCIENT OPAR and FLIGHT TO OPAR. This saga of the Wold Newton Universe's glorious distant past is an indispensable part of the Newtonverse's Tarzan canon as first established by PJF in TARZAN ALIVE: A DEFINITIVE BIOGRAPHY OF LORD GREYSTOKE, and Chris's addition to the late, great PJF's grand mythos is worth much more than the very affordable price! 

     Important Reminder: You do not need to own one of the Kindle reading tablets in order to open and read mobi files designed for Amazon's Kindle. You can do so by downloading the free Kindle for PC app from, and read digital books in mobi file right on your PC. So those who may have the Nook reading tablet, do not despair!

      Comic book legend T. Casey Brennan and his guitarist James McGree gave a performance from their band Frankenhead at the Tangent Gallery on June 19, 2014. They can be seen in the above video performing the song "Little Black Helicopters," courtesy of the Funhouse Gallery YouTube channel. This tune is sure to please any conspiracy theorist with an interest in the realm of the paranormal!


    For fans of Lovecraft's horrifically enduring mythos, you can't do much better than Peter Rawlik's work, as he proved with his previous release REANIMATORS (scroll up a bit to find that one endorsed on this site; don't be lazy!). He now follows that one up with THE WEIRD COMPANY: THE SECRET HISTORY OF H.P. LOVECRAFT'S TWENTIETH CENTURY, a truly apt moniker for a team of investigators culled from the works of Lovecraft who investigate and deal with the most unthinkable terrors that find their way into the shadows of the world where humanity likes to think it's safe and at the top of the food chain. If only that were true... This is why the world needs the Weird Company, so the human race can keep sleeping well at night, secure in the false belief that they are "top dog" in the world they think they know... and more importantly, so they can survive to keep to carry on this blissful lie another day.

    Peter's latest welcome Lovecraftian intrusion on our sanity is published by Night Shade Books, and you can purchase it here.


    The inimitable Chuck Miller now brings us his latest entry in the series of one of pulp fiction's newest masked hero sensations with BLACK CENTIPEDE CONFIDENTIAL. This is also the second entry in Chuck's saga of the now vampirized master villain Prof. James Moriarity  (you know, the guy who once killed Sherlock Holmes in Arthur Conan Doyle's classic novella The Final Solution, until the Great Detective got better). This time the blood-sucking mastermind comes to the dark hero's home city of Zenith with a posse of deadly miscreants at his side -- this group including but not limited to the likes of such legendary figures as the Bell Witch and the Loch Ness Monster! And what he's after is every bit as horrific as the once-man himself: Jack the Ripper's Analytical Engine.

    As one may imagine, this time the Black Centipede is going to need help protecting his own turf, and thankfully he has the various legendary personages that make up his fearsome Invisible Round Table -- this including but not limited to the esteemed F. Scott Fitzgerald and Amelia Earheart! (You couldn't expect her to stay missing forever, could you?)  

    Chuck's newest addition to the saga of the dark hero named after a gross multi-legged relative of the insect and arachnid families is brought to you courtesy of Pro Se Productions, and you can buy it here. MONSTAAH couldn't possibly recommend it any higher, and though the digital revolution has rendered the famous "get your copy before it's sold out!" slogan rather null and void, I'm going to shout it anyway for sheer dramatic purposes: "Buy your 'effin' copy before it's sold out, dewds!" 


    MONSTAAH is proud to inform its readers that Derrick Ferguson, a force to be reckoned with in the New Pulp Movement who has brought us such cool pulp hero characters as the bad-ass but scrupulous mercenary DILLON and heroic bare-knuckle boxer Levi Kimbro of BROOKLYN BEATDOWN, now turns his attention entirely to the horror genre with THE MADNESS OF FRANKENSTEIN.  If you've perused Derrick's extensive oeuvre of work in the past, then you know this newest entry in the disturbing saga of literature's most infamous clan is more than worth the meager price of admission!

    Waste no time in purchasing it here, or borrow it for free in digital format if you're a subscriber to Kindle Unlimited. You'll be an honored witness of the latest cool atrocities perpetrated upon the world by a member of the Frankenstein fam. And it's sure to be a wild ride as told by Derrick!


    Speaking of havoc wrought by the Frankenstein clan, one of the latest great offerings by pulp fiction writer extraordinaire Frank Schildiner is THE NEW ADVENTURES OF THUNDER JIM WADE Volume 2: THE HORROR OF HYPERBOREA. Not only does the infamous Baron Frankenstein who brought so much grief to every human life who had the misfortune of crossing his path (not to mention the occasional disembodied soul!) in the classic Hammer film series rear his monstrous intellect in Nazi Germany, but this time he runs afoul of the pulp hero champion Thunder Jim Wade and his crew.

    Not only that, but MONSTAAH is proud to announce that Frank's story incorporates elements introduced in our Children of the Night Timeline over a decade ago by none other than our founder Chuck Loridans! Miss this one at your peril! You can buy it here, so what are you waiting for? Baron Frankenstein to kill you and use your brain to animate his newest flesh golem, or something? 

    MONSTAAH is likewise proud to endorse the growing product of 18thWall Productions. This outre publishing outfit is the literary brainchild of co-CEOs James Bojaciuk and Ben Kasson, the former of whom is an alumni and regular contributor to this very site and its timeline, and I would be loathe to neglect mentioning their public relations liaison M.H. Norris, who describes herself as a "genre nomad" with many published credits to her name. 

    Though new to the publishing world, their output has already included the following gems:


    THE HORROR CROSSOVER ENCYCLOPEDIA by Robert Wronski Jr., the curator of the very popular blog known throughout cyberspace as the Television Crossover Universe [TVCU], is now on sale and highly recommended by MONSTAAH. This tome is an incredibly detailed and painstakingly crafted work uniting many different films, novels, short stories, TV shows - pick your medium! - with some connection to the horror genre that can be united into a shared universe based upon explicitly mentioned or featured crossovers between characters who originated in other works or franchises. It forms a timeline that Robert has christened the Horror Crossover Universe [HCU], distinct from MONSTAAH's Children of the Night Timeline, but inspired by it. Robert's work has likewise inspired this author, and this book marks his first foray into the realm of publishing!

    This work is not to be missed by both aficionados of horror and the growing number of fans who are fascinated by the concept of the shared universe. Imagine as many of your monsters and horror heroes & villains as you can in a single timeline, and you have an idea of exactly what Robert has accomplished with this book. It's a mammoth volume at an estimated 737 pages, yet you can get the digital version for the very reasonable price of $4.99 at Amazon or in your digital format of choice at Smashwords


     SLEEP STILL, CHARNEL HORSE by Ro McNulty is a cool and unsettling entry into the world of British horror. What this author brings us is the small town of Wolton Scarp, rotted to the core by industrial decay, and its equally decayed residents, the Dyer clan. Living in a town festering with both physical and moral decay, and an underlying supernatural force that slowly wears away at what's left of the Dyers, the besieged clan can only do their best to escape from the impending hoof beats of horror.

    Buy it here! Those who subscribe to Kindle Unlimited can borrow it for free, so by all means read it! All you have to lose is a lot of sleep, but in a chillingly gratifying way!


    THOSE WHO LIVE LONG FORGOTTEN is an unusually compelling anthology that has quite a unique theme, dividing the tome neatly into two sections: The first is devoted to original tales by authors Ro McNulty, Nick Wisseman, Pedro Iniquez, and Hannah Lackoff which center around entities and monsters from various world mythologies, folklore, and theology that attempt to adapt while living incognito in the modern industrial world. The second section features the original classic tales from yesteryear that inspired the characters and stories in the first half, all of them introduced by the respective new author, who discuss how their story relates to its original inspiration from previous eras where such creatures originally roamed. 

    This fascinating multi-author study of how the terrors of the past can infiltrate the unwary world of the present is highly recommended by MONSTAAH, and you can purchase it at Amazon or Smashwords in your digital format of choice! At just $2.99 for an estimated 250 pages, you can hardly do better with such a wonderfully macabre digital publication!


    THE RETURN: A NOVELLA OF SHERLOCK HOLMES  is the classic sci-fi tale of Sherlock Holmes by H. Beam Piper and John Joseph McGuire, reprinted for the first time in decades by 18thWall, with all its original illustrations intact and a new introduction by James Bojaciuk, the co-CEO who is one of the foremost Sherlockian scholars I've ever met! Since Mr. Doyle himself is reluctant to be interviewed at seances these days, you can't go wrong with James acting in his stead!

    Best of all, this classic can be downloaded in your choice of mobi or pdf format directly from 18thWall's website for free! It doesn't take The Great Detective to deduce that you can't get a better deal than that.


    TALES OF THE SHADOWMEN 11: FORCE MAJEURE is the latest of the annual French pulp fiction anthology published by Black Coat Press which features a short story from yours truly, as well as several other authors I'm proud to share my byline with, including my friends and colleagues Frank Schildiner, Peter Rawlik, Jean-Marc & Randy Lofficier, Micah S. Harris, and Matthew Dennion! 

    This 11th volume features stories dealing with a multitude of crossovers between the great pulp heroes and villains of classic French pulp literature and cinema. My own short story, "The Noble Freak," features the primal Hindu jungle hero Felifax the Tiger-Man, as he finally locates his long lost and decidedly less human but still equally noble brother, Felanthus... only to find him in the clutches of the dementedly brilliant scientist Prof. Tornada, who also has a menagerie of other deadly captives, including Ghouroul the French Frankenstein Monster, a pair of Lovecraftian Deep Ones, and two unusual flesh-eating zombies from distinct but familiar sources (think Lovecraft and Romero!). All hell breaks loose along with Felanthus as Felifax and his more felinoid sibling must battle their way through these multiple horrors to freedom... but does a happy ending truly await them? 

    You can purchase this latest volume in print format here. A digital version will follow soon!

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